Graham's therapist is concerned at his behavior and tell him that they cannot allow him to leave. He tries to explain to his therapist that he has got some of his memory back. The therapist is still not convinced and still wants to have the man committed. Graham then tells his therapist that he is feeling really cold, and asks to have a blanket to warm himself. When he receives the blanket, he repeats to the therapist that he is still cold and perhaps standing would make him feel better. At this point the therapist is in a confused state of mind, as Graham starts walking around the room with the cover over his head. Graham assures him that walking would warm himself, and that was the reasoning for him walking around the room. However, Graham then runs and escapes the room by jumping out a window in the office using the blanket to prevent himself from any injuries or cuts from the broken glass. While fleeing the area, Antonie is waiting for him, and the father and son run off together laughing.

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